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UK comedy 1950 bw 83 minutes
VHS: 1 tape HAP020 $39.95
Director: Frank Launder

A Smashing troupe of comic talent creates inspired anarchy in this romp about a British girl’s school that is accidentally billeted at a boys’ school. Alastair Sim (A Christmas Carol, Green for Danger) is brilliantly droll as the harassed boys’ headmaster who must undego official inspection while his students and masters battle strange new creatures-girls and women. As the imperious headmistress, Margaret Rutherford (Murder Most Foul, The V.I.P.s) allies with Sim in a frantic effort to hide the merry mix-up from the visitors. Joyce Grenfell delights as the exuberant sports mistress who gets caught up in the lunacy. The Happiest Days of Your Life, which spawned the popular St. Trinian’s film series, builds from sweet chuckles to feverish laughter as children fight, teachers romance, and bungling bureaucrats sink into chaos.